Holiday Things to do in Malaga, Spain

Holiday Things to do in Malaga, Spain

There are many things to do in Malaga, Spain. This Malaga city overview should help you sort your way through the many attractions and sightseeing opportunities to help you plan your holiday and create a fun and exciting itinerary for you time in Malaga.

Malaga is located on one of Spain’s seventeen most beautiful regions, the Costa del Sol. Malaga is the second largest city in Andalucia and is known for its wine, fresh seafood and great weather. Another added bonus when looking for things to do in Malaga is the convenience of reaching the city, as the Malaga airport offers discount flights from multiple airline carriers.

There are several museums in Malaga allowing you to enjoy this region’s art, history and culture. The Picasso Museum is one of its most famous museums and honors the famous artist, Pablo Picasso, celebrating his life and work. Picasso was born in Malaga, and the home in which he was born is actually not far from the museum. This home is now home to the Picasso Foundation.  Two museums are located on the premises of the Alcazaba Castle.

things to do in Malaga

The Archaeological Museum has on display a variety of Greek and Gothic artifacts. The Museu de la Ceramica displays pottery from a variety of historical periods and, as its name suggests, is dedicated to ceramics and pottery. Also on the grounds of the Alcazaba Castle is a Roman theater from the first century.

Finally, the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions, the city museum, contains a variety of art from local artists of different periods as well as modern art. This is, especially, an enjoyable visit for the art lover. It is located in the older part of Malaga.

Another attraction worth seeing is the Cathedral. It is one of the best known buildings in Malaga. This site was originally home to a mosque. Construction on the Cathedral began in 1528, but was stopped in 1783 due to a lack of funding. During these centuries, construction was on and off and, actually, the south tower is still not complete. During your visit, you will be able to observe the many different architecture styles in this building.

The market area is great for shopping, eating and enjoying the city’s nightlife. There are also many restaurants in the area surrounding the city’s market. Fresh seafood is always on a Malaga menu. If you hope to enjoy some night life during your vacation, this is where you will find it as this area has become home to several bars.

Finally, when looking for things to do in Malaga, the harbor is also a popular part of town. There is a nice park near the harbor where you can relax and take an enjoyable walk, and enjoy a beautiful view.

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